I think Muhammad was a very religious man. He was very kind and he helped the poor, by giving them money. He also pushed others to do so, even though most didn't really want to. That just shows how great of a man Muhammad was. What else do you need to know to know that this man was a great man? I also think he was very brave for telling people about God, trying to convert them, even though he knew that most people didn't want to change, or give to the poor. Another act of braveness was when he still talked about God, even after rich merchants of Mecca threatened to kill him. And after being threatened, he still went to another city and continued preaching about God, and that city was call Medina.

I think some people were intrested in what Muhammad had to say because the things he was teaching were probably more godly than what they were believing in. I would have probably questioned my religion if it were to believe in many gods and godesses and not be shown any moral values. I would have wondered, why am I believing in gods and godesses if all they do are fight and don't teach us how to be good people, help the poor or how to be right and fair to each other. In my opinion, several gods and godesses fighting each other and doing wrong to each other just sounds like a fairy tale, or a bedtime story to me. Another reason why people beilieved in Muhammad might be that Muhammad himself was a pretty rich man. Why, out of nowhere, would this rich man want to help the poor? And why would he just come up with some religion, knowing that his life was in danger if he told everyone?  Those are the two things I would think about.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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