In Africa at about 500 B.C., a group of farmers found this very hard rock under the ground, with their very breakable and wooden tools. They found out that this mineral is flexible enough to change shape once highly heated. So the Nok, a tribe of Africans, started using this mineral. They used it for arrow and spear heads, and faring tools. Because of the iron, or the mineral they had found, they bacame greater farmers, which means more crops for more food could be made, greater hunters, and greater farmers, because both now had stronger weaponry. The Nok also became very wealthy, since they traded so much iron for other very valuable items.

I think the finding of iron changed Africa greatly. Here are some of the reasons why I think this: One, the all Africans eventually became strong enough to defend themeselves against invaders. Two, they were now master farmers, because the iron had strengthen their tools very much. And because they were able to create space for crops faster, they made so many that there was a lot of extra food, which just led to even more trading in Africa. Three, the Africans were able to hunt more, creating even more trade with the extra food they hunted. And four, other countries and people liked the idea of iron and wanted it badly, so they traded for goods like gold and salt (Believe it or not! Salt at that time was equally as valuable as gold! Crazy, huh?). There you have it. If that is not enough proof for you, or you agree with me, tell me with some comments. Make sure to check out my other Core Concentration blogs for more coll language arts and world history topics.

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