You can't be somewhere where you don't see any Chinese acheivements. The list could go on forever! Paper, fireworks, gunpowder, porcelin, waterways, inoculation, kites, noodles, etc... China has sooooo many acheievements and inventions. Today we are going to talk ( type) about two of the most, in my opinion, important contributions, paper and movable- type printing. Now, you might say that the Egypptians were the first to create paper. Actually, they did create the first paper, but out of reeds, so it is not the same paper we use today. Paper is pretty much a 3 in 1 acheivement because paper could be books, money, and just regular paper. That's one of the reasons why it is important. Do you know how hard life would be without paper? We would have to carve in stone to be able to write things. The next acheivement I would like to go over is movable- type printing. At first the Chinese used a harder, but it still was the first, type of printing called block printing. The Chinese would carve a symbol ( There's about 50,000 of them! ) out of wood and apply ink, and stamp a page of a book. But later on, they created movable- type printing. There was a little holder, and the Chinese would keep carved blocks and would be able to rearrange the blocks, instead of carving brand new ones.

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