In Core class, we have recently started to study England in the Middle Ages. It has so far been pretty interesting, but there is one person I thought that is pretty cool. His name is Charlemagne. Charlemagne is French for Charles the Great ( Know any other "the Great"s?). From what we know, he was a very tall man for those times (6,4"). He also had this big beard, and he was very strong and buff. But there was one throwback on this awesome, huge monster of a person. He had a very high pitched, squeaky voice. Before Charlemagne, was the king Clovis. He was one of the first Christian kings of England. Then, the Franks, got a new king. His name was..... Pipen. A very short man, he became king by the pope since earlier rulers were no good. 

He had two sons, both ruled together until one retired to a monastery, but his brother Charles stayed and continued to rule the Franks. He conquered much more additional land to the amount Pipen conquered. One day in Rome, Pope Leo the third was attacked by rebels, but one he was taken to a Frankish infirmary for care. Then the Frankish army led Leo's way back to Rome and stopped all protesters from hurting him. On Christmas Day, 800, he crowned Charles emperor of Rome, hence the 

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